About me

Welcome to Inside a British Mum’s Kitchen. With a family of four daughters food has always been a huge part of life. It was not until I had my own children that I took food seriously and learned to cook. Over the years I’ve realized just how important a healthy diet can be and I so appreciate the bountiful food we are blessed with here in the Hudson Valley where we live. There are plentiful Farmer’s Markets with organic seasonal fruit and vegetables, local farms that produce their own diary products and even the odd vineyard with surprisingly delicious local wines. As a result this blog has an emphasis on fresh, seasonal “real” food that does you good. I would happily be a vegetarian so there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan recipes but my family still loves a piece of fish, chicken or the occasional steak so for now you will find some meat and poultry.

I hope you will enjoy your visits to my kitchen and find some recipes that you love and that will become favorites with your family as well as with mine.